taking a step back

So let's just back up a few days..

On Saturday, I took the SAT, which pretty much drained the life out of me. Then, I spend the rest of the next few days eating whatever I wanted, because my wisdom teeth came out yesterday, on Wednesday.

On Monday, I went to a class party for a few hours, which was great to just unwind with my classmates in a non-academic environment. I found out that my friend would be getting her wisdom teeth out a day later, which is a day before my procedure. It's nice to have that connection, so we can both suffer together, haha.

On Tuesday, I started my antibiotics and spend my last afternoon hanging out with one of my best friends, Alisa. We went into Old-town Salinas and ate some frozen yogurt. It was nice to just talk face to face, since it's hard to get that quality time at school. It's funny. I'm older sister to my younger brother, but I think the relationship an older sister has with a younger sister is quite different, especially if both are close in age. That's the kind of love I feel for Alisa. Our friendship is one of those friendships that I want to keep until the day I die. (so cheesy, but so true!) Here are some pictures that I managed to snag from my Instagram.

I'll post about my wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Have a happy day,

Grace Khieu

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