away from the ordinary

The other day, I wanted to work in the library but realized that I was far too tired to actually focus on anything, so I went outside to get some fresh air.

I found myself sitting at this nice wooden table, complete with a wonderful view of green grass, some trees, and the sun streaming through the trees, accompanied by a wonderful breeze.

I felt inspired, but not particularly in the way you would think. I didn't feel inspired to do some art, or write a blog post, or make a new set. I just felt inspired to get my work done.

I don't know. I guess there's just something about the warm, yet crisp atmosphere in the autumn. The grass is still green, but the trees' leaves are starting to fall. The animals are still out, and the sun still shines. I guess such a nice feeling leaves your brain feeling the same way.

Something like this doesn't usually happen, as I am one to get distracted and end up doing something completely different than what I had intended to do. Not gonna lie, I started this blog post, left it for a couple days, and went back to it. Even now, when I'm setting aside some time to write, I keep getting distracted by all the little birds and animals outside. However, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, because being able to work outside at my school's beautiful campus is such a great privilege.

I guess the lesson of today is to just take a step away. Away from the ordinary. Go outside. Go to a different room. Face a different window. Just take a step in a different direction, and that will freshen up your mind, allow you some time to breathe and give you a different perspective on whatever you set out to do in the first place.

Have a happy day,

Grace Khieu

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