candle weather

One of the perks of living in Northern California is that the weather is pretty moderate all year round. The 70-80 degree weather lingers into September and October, and we don't usually hit colder temperatures until the dead of winter. However, being online all the time, I see so much autumn stuff, and that really does make me yearn for the colder weather. I was so happy when I started to see overcast skies, and it even rained for a day or two (a rarity for California).

Candles & blankets are literally two of my favorite things. I just love being cozy, sipping some tea, and relaxing in the warmth, even if I have a lot of work to do. There's just something about the warm light that candles emit, and the room fills with a warm and cozy smell.

The weather seems to suit me well. If it's too cold, I just pile on more layers, opposed to summer, which is complicated because if you're already wearing shorts and a tank top and you're too hot, there's nothing else you can really do.

& That is why autumn and winter are probably my two favorite seasons. What are yours?

Have a happy day,

Grace Khieu

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