lessons from a power outage

It's so fascinating how much electricity plays a role in our lives. I feel pretty ashamed to say it, but when the power went out for around an hour and a half, I felt a little lost for a quick minute. Most of my work is done on the Internet, but without electricity, that's gone.

I was originally going to work on editing some pictures or videos, since I can work offline, but I decided to just work on my charcoal self portrait for my art class, since I took it home for break. I'm one of those people who likes to take a really long time to work on my art projects.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of what I have so far.

In all honest though, it was quite rejuvenating and calming to just sit down, work on some art, light up a candle, and just go completely offline. It was a good way to unwind after taking the SAT for the bulk of this morning.

Today, I learned an important lesson. Stepping away from your everyday routine and working on something that doesn't require much brain power for at least an hour can really help you when you go back to whatever you were doing before. It's preferable that you spend that hour away from the Internet & electronics, because realistically, in a 24 hour day, you can spare 1 hour to be more productive, whether that be mentally re-charging or even getting a whole bunch of homework done without distraction.

So that is my challenge for you this next week. Just take some time and take yourself off the grid. I'll be doing the same.

Have a happy day,

Grace Khieu

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