wisdom teeth removal

Here's a timeline of what I honestly remember on the day of my wisdom teeth removal, Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

I get to the place, and I am under the impression that I'm going to have light sedation, which would mean that I was pretty aware of the whole situation. Apparently, that wasn't the case, because all four of my teeth were impacted, so they really wanted me to be asleep for the whole thing.

I get into the "operating room" (is it really an operating room though?) and my heart starts beating faster and faster and I'm starting to regret that I didn't take my Lorazepam beforehand.

The guy sticks in the needle for the IV into the top of my hand, which is weird, because they normally do it on the arm? Who knows. I guess he couldn't find my veins, because he said "you didn't bring your veins today?" He then tells me that all I have in my arm is a piece of plastic, so it won't hurt if I move my hand around.. which kind of feels like a lie to me, because I thought that it was a legit needle in my hand. Regardless, I tried to move my hand, and it hurt.

The nurse lady asks how I feel and then proceeds to ask me what I like to do in my spare time. I tell her I make Youtube videos and I blog... "so I guess I'll be writing about this experience too." (which, I am right now, so I did stick to my word!) The last thing I honestly remember is me praying to God that I would be okay.

~  ~  ~

The next thing I know, I think I head tears in my eyes, the nurse was telling me "you got all four wisdom teeth out!" and I was just really confused. Confusion is the one word that can describe the next couple of hours.

I heard that after you wake up, some people either think things are really funny or they cry at everything. I think I was part of the latter category. The nurse kept on wiping my tears away, I believe.

She helps me into a wheelchair and I don't really remember anything after that.

All I know is that I somehow got into the car and I think I put the seatbelt on myself? Thinking back now, I'm pretty sure that I didn't.

At this point, my mom tells me that she needs to go to Grocery Outlet to get me some Greek yogurt and milk so that she can make some pudding. I had to be left alone in the car, and then I remember crying a little bit because of that. The only thing on my mind was the fact that I had to go to the bathroom really badly.

My mom goes into the store to get the stuff. I think I fell asleep, but I remember wondering about what would happen if some sketchy man were to come up to the car and start attacking me.

~  ~  ~

Finally, I'm home. I was super dizzy, but still made it to the bathroom (legitimately the only thing I was concerned about)

First thing I did after that was get onto my bed and start Snapchatting my friends and all of that stuff. I barely remember what I sent, but I do have a few golden selfies that I will not publish, hehe.

I do have a picture that I took of my wonderful temporary office, so I could still work while in bed.

& That's pretty much it. Liquid diet, cold blended soups, lots of medicine... so much fun. I'm just relieved that I'm all done with this now. Hopefully nothing else needs to happen.. what an adventure!

Have a happy day,

Grace Khieu

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