2015 wrap-up

It's crazy how so much can happen in a year. Tomorrow I'll be posting my resolutions, but for today, I wanted to express all that happened to me on Polyvore, my largest platform. There are a lot of other things that happened in my personal life and everywhere else too, which I put in.

at the beginning of 2015, I had ;
2,054,247 set views

- second semester of junior year, high school
- published my first art set!
- continued my @blackfive collaboration, which was my first ever Polyvore collaboration
- had my first hack set by @niyallsprincess
- first minimalist-y set
- started writing daily blog posts (which later stopped)
- created my first group with @raelee-xoxo
- first ombre set
- got featured on Tumblr radar: bit.ly/1YUn0vW

- started set collabs
- reached 2 years on Polyvore
- I started getting more top sets because I put in A LOT of effort into my sets
- I celebrated my 17th birthday and Polyvore followed me on twitter?!?!
- 1 top set

- my QOTD's were going strong
- spring break started and I had a bazillion things to do
- celebrated 1 year on youtube
- started opening up video requests
- 1 top set

- I did a TEDx talk! so nerve-wracking.
- created Facebook page: facebook.com/gracekhieufans
- reached 23k followers
- went to prom with my boyfriend :)
- changed my Facebook profile picture to me and my boyfriend - everybody loved that haha
- made an Instagram! instagram.com/gracekhieu
- bombarded with AP tests, SAT, all that stuff.
- got my driver's license
- 2 top sets

- final exams of junior year = hell week
- opened up inspired sets
- my boyfriend graduated high school and so did my best friend aka he's basically my older brother. I cried.
- even though school ended, I still had tons of standardized tests to study for

- went to a bonfire party
- started my photography endeavors by taking photos every day of a summer camp
- boyfriend left for china because his sister got married!
- 1 top art set

- went on a few wonderful dates with my boyfriend
- bid my boyfriend good bye because I couldn't see him during school and he would leave for college in the fall
- 2 top sets
- 1 top art set

- went back to school as a senior!
- got featured on tumblr radar again: bit.ly/1LhKLcL
- stopped making magazine sets
- 1 top set

- boyfriend left for college, and so did best friend
- told the world about my belief in God
- first fall set of the season
- became more active on colourlovers (but that slowly failed)
- 1 top set

- made a blog! gracekhieu.blogspot.com
- got my wisdom teeth out
- hit 54k
- decided to take a break from youtube - everybody was so supportive.
- submitted my first college application!
- it rained.
- 2 top sets

- I was the makeup designer for the fall musical
- became the NorCal JSA State Director of Publicity at the Fall State convention
- boyfriend came home
- started up my youtube channel again
- submitted my last college app
- 2 top sets

- horrible band and orchestra concerts
- started my collaboration with @casetify
- first collab video for youtube
- I made a vlog channel! bit.ly/1TGu1Pt
- I got into my #1 choice college!!
- celebrated my 4 year anniversary with boyfriend
- tried new (delicious) restaurants with boyfriend
- did my first official senior portrait session with my friend
- created my photography Facebook: facebook.com/gracekhieuphotography
- 1 top set

& that's about it! here are my stats as of now ;
2,520,439 set views

can't wait for 2016! 2015 has been good.

♡, Grace Khieu

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