LNT02: trying new things & meeting new people

I guess this late night thought thing is going to be good because after all, the subtitle on my blog is "my life's ponderings." Yes, I know that the "s" isn't supposed to be there... But it just sounded better like that to me. [update] I just changed it to "this is where my mind wanders freely" and I'm quite happy with that.

Currently I am about to go to bed but there are a couple guys on our floor hanging out. It's always strange seeing that and hearing deeper voices since we live on an all-girls floor. It's cool, I guess. Mixes things up a little.

Today (or yesterday when you're reading this, I guess), I had lots of fun meeting new people. Most of them are in my major but I had dinner with them and it was fun meeting new people. I honestly think college is the best time for that, especially in your freshman year, when it's probably more socially acceptable. I've really enjoyed that about college.

Throughout high school, I didn't really reach out to a lot of people, and looking back, I really regret it. There's lots of things I regret not doing, but not reaching out is at the top of that list. Every single day, I meet at least 5 new people.

I guess I can be proud to say that today, I had lunch with 1 new person and dinner with 3 new people. By choice. I even went to a Japanese Student Association meeting, just because. I don't think I will stay in the club, but it was cool to meet new people, even if I don't talk to them again.

I'm looking forward for tomorrow when I have a club meeting for something I am actually interested in, to finally make relevant connections. I'm also excited to attend an on campus worship service on Friday, because most people already don't know each other, so why not just make the best and introduce yourself? You'll never know who you may meet, and you don't know if that person may end up being a really good friend. It never hurts to introduce yourself and start up a conversation.

I guess that's it for tonight. It's going to be weird reading this during the day after everything has happened, but in writing it's all the future. I kind of like this. It's like journaling, but selective. It's pretty relaxing and gives me time to reflect on my day. 10/10 would recommend writing it down, even if you're not publishing it like me. It will do wonders.

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