The Ultimate Tri-Tip Challenge

Let's try this blogging thing again. Time to play catch-up.
I missed so much, but I guess I'll start with one of the highlights of my Winter Quarter here at Cal Poly. The Ultimate Tri-Tip Challenge.

This consists of hiking the "P," Madonna Mountain, and Bishop's Peak. What makes it ultimate? You have to walk in between. So nearly 13 miles later, we end up at Firestone, the tri-tip place, enjoying our well deserved sandwiches.

This was definitely a test of my physical limits, having only hiked 1/3 of the challenge, but I'm so grateful I got to do it with friends, and take pictures in the process!

The "P" - done!

Bishop's Peak - done!

& finally... Madonna Mountain done.

So grateful for this spontaneous adventure and it was such a highlight to my freshman year of college! Also super great because 3 of them are leaving after the end of this school year, so it was nice to just spend some quality time.

So I leave you with one last thing.

Remember: the best view comes after the hardest climb.

Even though this was a pretty physical representation of that, it applies to nearly everything else in life too!

♡, Grace Khieu

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