Take some time to yourself.

I always felt that I was on the introverted side, but since coming to college, that definitely changed.
Maybe it was the fact that I didn't have a solid group of friends in high school, but when I found community here, it became a situation where I always wanted to be around my friends and if I didn't see them that day, I felt a sense of low energy.

But as I'm here drinking my ice coffee and sitting alone, I realized that I spend so much of my time with other people, whether I'm working or relaxing. I desire to be with people when I'm not, and when I'm with people, I never want to leave.

It took me three quarters in my first year of college this year to realize that alone time is so good and so needed. Ask me 6 months ago, I would have felt lonely if it was just me and the elements around me. Looking at the situations from a physical point of view, I could be alone but there's always people around, it's just up to me to talk to them or not.

So realistically, am I truly alone? Nope.

I might be physically alone in my own little bubble, but to feel lonely is more a state of mind and a perspective, rather than a physical state.

So... should I feel lonely if I always have God?

Exactly. I don't know why I worried so much in the first place. LOL silly first quarter me.

♡, Grace Khieu

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