The sweet love of brothers.

Three intelligent, hard-working, passionate, loving, open, young men. I'm pretty close to one of them, the other two, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to them on a deeper level yet.

However, there's one thing that stands out to me that makes me smile both on the inside and the outside. I don't know any other group of guys who would be so different in there interests and yet stay up until 4am having conversations about God, life, and everything in between. It's honestly quite adorable.

What makes me smile even more is that they extend that love to others as well, and it's very heart warming. So Alan, Jinchi, and Justin, you're probably never going to see this, but it makes me smile every time you three are together. You get annoyed with each other, smile with each other, love each other dearly, and are rooted in Christ.. and that's something that is so admirable.

♡, Grace Khieu

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