York School Graduation

Over a month later, I'm writing about this. Life has honestly been such a blur, and writing about graduation proves how fast time has gone by. It felt like yesterday that I was graduating high school, and here I was, attending the graduation a year later, to see my friends walk into the next chapter of their life.

It was both exciting and nostalgic standing on the side. It wasn't the act of standing on the side, I had done it a year before I graduated, for some other friends' graduation, then it was me, then now.

It's also kind of funny observing how everybody feels about graduation. I remember it being such a big day in my life, but in retrospect, it was almost like a passing event, so seeing everybody so nervous and excited made my heart happy.

It was also super sweet seeing some of my friends after a long while, since we both went away to college.

All I can do at this point is extend my congratulations to the York Class of 2017. These guys have a special place in my heart and will go out into the world and do some big things. I'm so proud of them.

♡, Grace Khieu

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