Spud House

What does Spud House mean? Is it some weird six girl Asian sorority?

Here are the origins. Once organizing that I would be living with these five girls, we joked that we would be the Potato House, and that we would have a comfy couch and people could come over to our apartment and be couch potatoes. Cute right? Nahhh not cute enough. Potato came from the little thought inside of us that we felt we didn't like how we looked.. so we decided on Spud House, because spuds are always growing and God made us beautiful.

(Sidenote, I'm so behind. It's July 29th and this shoot was June 2nd.. yikes)

Going towards the end of the year, we decided to take some house photos. We did devotionals together, spent time bonding, and got so much closer as a house. We wandered to downtown, going towards the mission, with my camera gear and tripod coming right alongside us.

Let me tell you... these were the cutest pictures ever. Even though we had limited time and one of us had to leave early, it was still such a relaxing time right before the weeks of studying and stress.

I'm so stinkin' grateful to be living with these girls next year and my heart feels so full every time I think about it. :)

♡, Grace Khieu

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