a family meal for 80.

So somehow Justin and I came up with the grand idea to have an upperclassmen appreciation dinner... so basically a huge dinner cooked by freshman for everybody to enjoy before the downpour of finals.

Why? Well, God loved us first, so... :)

Every cook-off starts with shopping. So after church, we headed to Food 4 Less and purchased every single ingredient that was required of the recipes we had spent hours and hours planning for.

We sorted the ingredients into bags, labeled with the group leader's names, had them pick up the food, and get cooking. All the scheduling, organizing, sorting, etc took some brain power but man.... it was so worth it. I mean, look at this.

All the staying up until 5am and waking up at 6am, the stress, the tears... it was all worth it when we showed them a video we filmed and the room was filled with this beautiful sense of harmony and peace. The night ended with smiles and smiles, some tears, and a wonderful group prayer. Praise the Lord for these brothers, sisters, and role models.

♡, Grace Khieu

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