one on one time.

"It's like a date, but not really."

You hang out with someone, just the two of you, and walk into it with the intention of getting into a deeper conversation.

Going on one-on-ones with people has definitely helped me process things that I'm going through, as well as learning more about someone I might just hang out with on a casual basis. I think being able to platonically hang out with someone like this is so important because that opens a new window of opportunity to encourage and support that person since you might have more knowledge on different things they are struggling with.

I guess 1am me thought it was a good idea to take a picture of my last spring quarter one on ones and write a long paragraph about that person on Facebook.. I'm not mad about it. It's so good for reflection and it made me realize that walking into college, I was terrified about not having friends and BOOM, here I am, feeling like I don't have enough time to devote deep time to every single one of my friends. Pretty crazy, praise the Lord for that one!!

So here's the pictures of the people I hung out with for the last one on ones. Whether it was for 3 hours or even half an hour, it was a complete blessing getting to know each individual even better than before.

♡, Grace Khieu

B.K. friendly, peaceful, loving // M.W. thoughtful, bright, caring // J.C. wise, prayerful, trustworthy

J.B. carefree, warmhearted, illuminating // K.Z. joyful, hardworking, truthful // C.D. loyal, playful, creative

D.H. devoted, organic, overflowing // J.P. dedicated, honest, realistic // J.Z. hopeful, faithful, observant

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